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Face-to-Face Interpreting
Face-to-Face Interpreting
A live interpreter is available to verbally interpret at the location of your choosing. Interpreters are available for consecutive or simultaneous interpretation depending on the audience, group size and industry.
Translation and Localization
Document Translation
Written translation refers to the activity of transferring a written text from one language (source language) to another language (target language).
Telephone Interpreting
Telephone Interpreting
Over the phone interpreting connects a live interpreter with individuals who wish to speak with each other but do not share a common language via telephone. Telephone interpreting enables you to use your existing landline to connect with a live interpreter in over 180 languages.
Video Interpreting
Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)
Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) allows face to face interpreting over a computer, laptop, cell phone or smart device. VRI allows the client to have instant access to an interpreter in several languages.
Face-to-Face Interpreting
American Sign Language Interpreting (ASL)
Sign Language interpreters are trained professionals that facilitate communication between the hearing and deaf or hard of hearing communities.
Text, IM & Fast Translation
Elsa ™ Hands Free Interpreting
ELSA™ is a hands-free, mobile live interpretation solution that provides immediate communication in 180 languages. ELSA™ is the size of a cell phone and can be worn or held, giving complete freedom to communicate with Non-English proficient speakers.


ATA – American Translator Association (Corporate Member) ALC – Association of Language Companies
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